Thursday, April 20, 2006

Talking Is Good

I've found a little cure for my break in transmission! I am sure, of course, that sychronicity has been at hand. But nevertheless the transmission is up and running and roaring to go .... roll on the weekend.

I have had many opportunities to just talk with people. Mainly about my writing, their writing or the writing of people they know, love or admire. It was been a fantastic montage of snippets of motivation, fodder, enthusiasm and love of the craft.
"I forget how lucky I am to be entering a period where I am about to live my dream. "

I might wake up mid nightmare and wonder what the neck I have done ... but I will have done it. Of course I have to write about this period. My god, I will be living the dream of many a writer, blogger ot journaller by writing as a full time profession. No longer is this about the pressure to pay the mortgage ... it is about the pressure to make a go of my dream. Accept the gift and use it well. I remember a little card I was given in Sunday School as a kid ... "Your life is God's gift to you ... What you DO with it is your gift to God".

I'm in for the ride of my life and wrapping up the best pressie I can for God!!!!


Adele said...

God on you Pamela. Adele

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Thanks Adele ... it's scary ... but oh so right!

Mr. Fabulous said...

God God God.

How about a little love for Satan?