Monday, December 19, 2005

Converting Old Habits

Choosing PC over paper is a difficult habit to form. I woke this morning with things I just had to say, and despite the fact I check my emails most mornings over coffee, I certainly didn't feel like writing on the PC. My first reaction was to grab my notebook. The notebook I have set aside for my musings about the New Century Notebook is a really special one. It is a beautiful handmade red leather journal with quality white paper - and the smell of the leather is no competition for the bland PC screen.

I have been through this experience before. When I was writing my thesis I choose (after much deliberation and theorising) to insert excerpts form my journal into my research thesis. Just seeing a converted statement go from purple pen scribble to black and white on the screen was a gut wrenching experience. Now to get used to writing my thoughts straight on to the PC is causing me some angst.

I am trying to work out what the angst is. I am making sure I don't edit my thoughts on here (I am editing the typos though, and anyone who knows me will be thankful for that!). Knowing that blogs are published the second you hit the 'Publish Post' button doesn't help me... so I recognise some performance anxiety here. But more than that it really is more about the difference between writing by hand and writing on a screen with a keyboard. I am not sure if other people feel it, but there is a totally different set of habits that go with each action. For example - what do I do over the Christmas break when we have planned a holiday which purposely doesn't include internet access and the electronic media in general? I have only just started this web log and the habit of writing in here will be broken before it even begins.

Anyway I obviously got over the hurdle of writing to the PC and did write in here - but not until I had sat out the back garden listening to the fountain water, the budgies and enjoyed the garden. I think the PC is still a more sterile place to be. Perhaps using a laptop would change that?

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