Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blank Page Nerves

Blank pages. They do it to me every time. Whether they are handmade pages in an artistically crafted journal or virtual pages, blank is sexy, blank is spiritual, and blank is so endless it is firghtening. The ultimate performance anxiety inducing situation for most writers, is the facing of the blank page.

Once over the initial hurdle however, every writer and would be writer slowly begins to feel at home and then drift into a schema of the unknown. Suddenly the blank page becomes an exciting territory to discover and recover with thoughts and feelings that otherwise would be trapped and unshared. For there is something about releasing thoughts onto the blank page that allows them to grow and flourish. It never ceases to facinate me that my thoughts look so different when they are on the page from when they were concieved in my mind - even if it is only a space of a few seconds or partial seconds between the two. No matter how fast I type or write, there is a shift in how these thoughts appear when written down.

And thus the first blank page is conquered. And already I feel excited.

No more for today. I need to navigate this new place, and enjoy the experience. I will return to do a first page introductory blog another time. I am also on a journey to learn to enjoy the now you see.

Nerves gone. Blank page eliminated. PJ - One point: Blank Page - Zip.

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