Friday, December 30, 2005

The Bride Stripped Bare

Christmas always brings surprises. The best kind of surprise is when someone you love buys you a present that shows they really understand you. Stuart bought me The Bride Stripped Bare as one of MANY Chrissie presents this year. The book is fantastic ... and so timely for me at the moment with my journey into journals. It is written in the second person and I don't remember ever (sucessfully) reading a book written in this POV before. I felt totally led into the character and her thoughts and life. It resounded women's stories in one journey. The use of an eighteenth century anonymous woman's journal for beginning quotes was another addition into women's stories .... and where better to gleen them than from journal ramblings ...? I am sure there are a million differing opinions on the actual book's content - but as a light erotic read (and ignoring the hooplah about being an 'anonymous' writer in these days of high level book marketing) and the book is a new exploration in the erotic genre. Despite being off on holidays over the break, I still managed to keep 'working' as the book led me up the two paths I love to write the most - journals and erotica ... it was all very tastefully done yet challengingly erotic at the same time ... I am off to check for web links ... will add it to this blog if I am successful. It reminded me of reading Affair years ago.

Then ... as if this wasn't enough ... Stuart also bought me a digital recorder. I made a very real attempt at an audio journal for our holiday away at a beach cabin - surrounded by emus sounds, kookaburras and frogs ... but I suspect most of it probably sounds mostly like wind ... I need to work on loading the recordings on to the PC now .... yet another love of mine coming to the fore with technology .... *sigh* ... so much to do so little time ...

I love learning new things, thinking new things and being new. Oh, and spending Christmas with people you love and who support your dreams and aspirations.

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