Friday, May 11, 2007

Pepys ' Diary On-Line

Historians, writers, readers, students of literature will probably all know of Samuel Pepys - his famous diaries about life in London in the 17th Century were published and are now often referred to as 'the' journal to demonstrate that journals/diaries are a significant form of literature.

I love the internet ... having a 17th Century Diary
at my fingertips? WOW.

Now while I know this might not excite ALL of you ... it's worth sharing that the full version of Pepys Diary is not only available on line, but Phil Gyford has it set up so you can do amazing things with it ... like read a diary entry for today's date (every day!) and search it for topics.


Alex said...


I think I have a new project in mind while writing my dissertation: a letter of Ovid from the Pontus delivered to your inbox every day.

Imagine the culture people could learn incrementally!

Anji said...

I read ityears ago, It'll be nice to take a peek from time to time.