Friday, May 11, 2007

Journals for Everything!

Since I started my research on journals and journal writing (including blogs), I heave learnt so many uses for the many beautiful notebooks I own!

As a self confessed addict, the answer to the "what do you want for ... (eg mother's day!)" question ... is always a notebook or journal. I'm kinda past the standard kind of thing and do like something a bit arty or different these days ... but then the resurgence of journal writing has seen many stationers design some really beautiful mass produced ones as well ...

The thing that never ceases to surprise me is what people use their journals and diaries for ... I learnt yet another new one yesterday
... no longer do we write of the Bridget Jones' style of "Dear Diary , today I ...."

(tho many people still do that of course) ... it is more a shift to notebooks and recording handy things as well as thoughts and feelings ... I have at least eight on the go at a time, and most writers I know do seem to have an extraordinary collection of the things ...

So what do you do with yours?

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Bungi said...

Journals! I love journals. But i am only in the middle of one at a time. Probably, if i travel, then it would make it two.

Travel journal will consist of notes on what i did, people i met, etc.

Home journal has my prayers, insights when i pray or read the Scriptures, hopes, dreams, disappoitments, and on and on...

I recently started my new journal.