Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Oh the joys of the New Year and a new blank book to start writing in!

Yep, that's crazy I know. But it's an exciting part of the annual cycle to start afresh, start anew. No different than we can every day of our lives, but there is something special about New Years.

Make the most of it. And have a great start to 2007.


Anonymous said...

Hapy new year to you and yours, Pamela!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shot! I'm assuming you didn't take it yourself (if you did, my most humble apologies and a very big pat on the back!) Love the blog, and a great tip about the diaries too. I went out today and took your advice and I hope to stick to it throughout 2007. Happy new year! World Of Mike Nutworth

mojo shivers said...

That's an awesome shot and a perfect way to kickstart the new year.

Gina Cobb said...

Happy new year to you! I also love your idea of a new blank book for the new year!