Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I'll feel better soon ... I hope ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hmmm ... not yet obviously ... but I will .... soon.

Regular readers will remember how much I loved the new Beta Blogger when it first came out (not). Well I succumbed. I tried again. I was really postive (honest). I didn't have even the tiniest little negative thought in my mind. I figured the bugs would be out of it by now. I was actually being really rational.

It was all wasted *sigh*

But - in trying to stay positive my blogs appear on line this time. That is a huge improvement. What has been missing is any comments people have left in the last few months. Well interestingly, some comments were still coming to me, and some weren't.

SO- If I offended anyone by not getting back to them I apologise. And I am going to sit here and read them all now. (Well sometime in the next couple of days, but from your PC screen you can't tell that I am actually taking off to the movies with my daughter to see Holiday).

Now. Back to being positive. I don't think (fingers crossed) that the new Blogger has any other hiccups.


rebeleyeball said...

That's right, blame it on the "new and improved" blogger ;-).

Glad that you seem to have things all worked out.

Anji said...

I made a test blog which seemed to be okay but I'm hesitating over the big move of my established blogs. Good luck

Laura said...

The only problem I've found with the new blogger is that sometimes it switches back to the old blogger when you're trying to post comments or view profiles. I don't have an old blogger account because I joined very recently, so sometimes I have to change www.blogger.com to www2.blogger.com in the URL. Hope that hasn't interfered with your comments (and that they'll fix it soon).