Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SO ... when do we get protective over what we write?

Copy right and owning ideas has been a bit of a theme around me this last couple of weeks ...

I really believe that what we write doesn't belong to any of us in particular. As soon as you write it, people read it and will make of it what they will in a way that works (or not!) for them.

I do think that those of us trying to make a living out of writing have the right to protect our works though ...

So where does that really leave my opinion.

I'm confused.

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Dave said...

Hmmmm, I would think that it's how the other person uses our words that matters. They can't claim them as their own or profit from them, but if they give me credit for the inspiration, then i'm more than happy to be quoted.

BTW, I had totally neglected the reward part in my planning, so thanks for reminding me!