Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Add a Little Colour

Be honest with me here. Colour does make a difference doesn't it? Whether it is the clothes you wear or the colour of the soup or milkshake you just ordered, you react to colour. You're going to do a double take when the strawberry milkshare you just ordered comes to you in a dark shade of black!

Colour therapists will tell you all kinds of exciting things about the meanings of different colours. Painters will tell you about the emotional impact of various colours. You have colours you like and dislike. You can read about that kind of stuff elsewhere on the 'net!

I'm interested in colour use in journals. What colour pen do you use? Does it matter? Do you make chages to colours on different days or for certain entries. Or perhaps you don't care and are lucky to find a pen at all!!!

This is for bloggers too ... you change your template colour ... your font colour ... you add pictures ... To what purpose? What does it change for the reader?
"I changed New Century Notebook away from a pink template when a few guys told me it was the reason I didn't have many males resonding to my survey ... and guess what? It worked!"
Then we come to paper and pictures. Do you use coloured paper? Or does the colour of the journal cover itself influence you? Hmmm yeah ... you never thought about that did you? Everytime you pick up your journal, how it LOOKS (and in particular the colour on and in it) influence you. In some small way ... but they impact ... I am sure of this.

I'm writing about this in my journal this week ... so for those of you looking for creative inspiration here ... maybe you want to think about colour and journalling too ...


Anonymous said...

I'm a guy. I like pink!

The Artist said...

Enjoyed your blog, best wishes The Artist

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hmm...and why would you use a strawberry milkshake as an example?


Uisce said...

Nothing at all wrong with pink, I think.

Brad Lee said...

Pink Rocks! I love colour and for me personally colour identifies who I am as a person and the mood im in at the time. I think colour is very important, something as little as associating a particular job, duty, or activity with a certain colour is somehting you can share with other people. A goof friend of mine trialled it at work and its amazing how other people notice it also, a great way to stand out in a crowd...and we all know how much i love that.My journal is full of inspiring colour, especially from my travels. Vote 1 for colour I say.
PS they now make green tomatoe sauce and I cannot bring myself to eat it as its not the colour i associate with tomato sauce...I so need to step out of the box!