Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Introducing a Brand New Blogger!

As all addicted bloggers know, it is a fantastic feeling to get OTHER people in your life addicted to blogging too!

You know the drift ... you mention "Hey you're about to go travelling ... why don't you set yourself up a little blog" (their eyes roll coz they hate it when you talk about your blog by now ... no matter how much YOU love it).

You continue to mention the benefits of blogging over the next couple of times you see them ... then you you say "Hey how about I send you the site for a cool FREE blog site and just have a look around?" (The word FREE works so well doen't it?).

Before you know it they are asking you HTML codes and joining

And then ... you notice that they are always on line and never sleeping!

Isn't it fun to share your addictions? My latest victim is Brad who is currently travelling around Europe and making us all jealous with his adventures ... check him out on Walk With Pride
And leave him a friendly 'welcome aboard to the world of blogging' note - you remember how excited you got when your new site counter went crazy!!!


Nanda said...

My name is Fernanda, I'm 17 yrs old and I'm a Braziliam teenager...
I was visiting some blogs and then I found your blog!
So I decided to write something for you...
I'm not very well in english, but I'm tryin, this is what means!! hehehe
Your blog is so great!...
well... Please, waste your time, and reply me a little scrap!! :)
Have a nice week!!!

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier I say!

Brad Lee said...

thanks Pamela for your warm welcome, I am enjoying the experience and if anyone has any tips, Id love to hear them Ive been working on this for 24 hours now with no sleep, does the addiction die down heheh

hugs and stuff, with pride

Mr. Fabulous said...

Always bringing more into the fold, aren't you? :)