Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Century Notebook Project

I have had to spend some time reflecting on my writing and it's purpose. I started the New Century Notebook (NCN) blog to experience blogging ... Typical me doesn't like to miss out on any possible writing experience! I am writing about journal writing in the new millenium and of course blogging is a major part of that. So instead of just writing and researching it - I did it. Thus I started this blog. It also serves the purpose of recording the writing journey. I have alwasy used a journal of some sort of record the process of any alrge project I undertook ... so the blog fitted in well with my methodology. This methodology started with my thesis - a ground breaking piece of research which also included excerpts from my journal. So it is a place and method that feels comfortable for me.

It has raised so many issues. The public sphere changes so many aspects of the writing for a professional writer. It has been fun to learn these firts hand. Best of all I have met some great people and really interesting bloggers.

I also have my Blog of Lists as this was to be my "ordinary day blog" ... also just for the experience. Then I added Blog Writing Tips and Journal Writing Tips due to requests from regular readers.

"If I am to finish the NCN project ... I need to scale back. So which blog do I retain?"

Help me out by commenting ... this is a serious decision I don't want to make by myself!

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A fan of your lists said...

PLEASE keep the blog of lists - it is the most 'real' you!