Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogging Burnout ...

My blogging mate (well he was before he got all famous on us (!)) at Pointless Drivel has recently hit his 500th entry in less than a year. That is an amazing feat for someone with a career and a life ... a life outside cyberspace that is. In his celebratory blog entry he mentioned Blogging Burnout ...

"It got me thinking."
I needed a break from blogging... Have been hinting at four blogs being too many (it is!) ... Am contemplating why I do it now I have been through the experience for the sake of the book ... wonder if I would be better just having a little blog set up from my personal web site (and no more).

Just got me thinking ... and a good blog does that. Makes you smile or think.

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Mr. Fabulous said...

I'm famous?

In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that I actually do not have much of a career OR a life :)