Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Encrypting Your Diary

It seems the theme of "who might read my diary" is a pretty common one when talking about where you might keep your journal or diary.

What I think about sneaks who read another's diary is surely obvious on this blog ... boil in oil, burn at the stake etc .... If you think your diary is at risk there are some lovely techniques you can use to encrypt your handwritten diary (electronic ones simply need really good passwording systems) or hide it.

Here are ten tips:

  1. Write in another language (great practice too!).
  2. Write your life as if it were a short story - use fictional characters for the main people in your life.
  3. Create your own code (you know the kind you had as a kid ... A=5 B = 13) for entries that you are really concerned about people reading
  4. Keep your diary where no one else goes ... eg if you are the only one who does the vacuuming keep it with the vacuum cleaner!
  5. Write in a notebook that doesn't look like a diary ... an old school exercise book for example.
  6. Buy a really boring old book at a second hand shop ... calculus or something ... and write your diary in the margins and spaces of that book.
  7. Don't fall for the "between the mattress and the bed" hiding spot ... its more obvious than you think (especially to pesky little brothers and sisters).
  8. Write and burn.
  9. Change your hiding spot regularly ... one person in my research even had a decoy diary!
  10. Don't bother writing one at all if it stresses you so much. :-)

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gabbi said...

I wished I was more careful with my diaries growing up. People snoop, even the ones who really, really know better.