Friday, October 05, 2007

Flourish in Spring!

Spring Has Sprung .... Where have I been?

Blogging just took a little back seat for awhile tis all!

(While I was away the blogger fairies stole my template and everything in it ... so excuse the randomness of my new template!).

This month I've had some nice pieces published in magazines like Flourish and Perth Today ...

Check them out ... Flourish is really setting some great new standards in women's magazines in Australia - lots of encouraging and uplifting articles and less celebrity gossip ... so much to read in each edition and not all full of ads.


Caren said...

I was thinking, "spring?" But then I noticed you are in the southern hemisphere. We don't get those periodicals here.

Anji said...

The "Spring" issue? I forgot you are looking forward to the summer while we are heading for winter Brrrr.