Thursday, June 21, 2007

Writing Implements

My New Century Notebook research is currently looking at the implements people use to write thei diary with. The usual things are like pens, pencils, crayons, coloured felt tip pens or other drawing implements and also the good old computer of course for Bloggers!

My research is also taking me up some strange pathways however ... like what do people write on ... other than notebooks. I've had lots of feedback about writing on old notebooks, napkins from restaurants and the back of tickets etc ... But there are some weird and whacky things people write on too (I'm leaving the whakiest for the book by the way!) ..

Any stories out there abou twhat you write your diary notes on????

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Anji said...

I used to have page a day diaries when I kept them. I wrote from 74 to 91. Now I write posts in word. Word is great for someone like me, I was told at school that my hand couldn't keep up with my brain which is why I made so many mistakes. With word I even enjoy going back over a text and tidying it up!